Paid vs Free

Why are we different than other Veteran sites?  We are local.  We focus on the Puget Sound Community.  We belong to several Chamber of Commerce organizations and large networking groups.  We believe that being local allows us to focus on each business that joins us.
To list your business, you must be a Veteran or spouse, active duty or spouse.  We do not check DD214s but in this Puget Sound community, it will be easy to determine if you should have submitted a profile or not.  Posers will be turned in to "Stolen Valor" for investigation and prosecution.
First, this site is designed to bring traffic to it so that your potential clients and customers can develop relationships with your business and of course habits.  When you need something, you are used to going to specific places to get them.  That includes restaurants and even gas stations.  You like where you go.  This site shifts the buyer to focus on where our Veteran businesses exist and helps them to develop that relationship with you thus creating habits.
In order to make this site work, we need to advertise.  Quality advertising is affordable, but not cheap.  If you believe that social media and word of mouth saves businesses, I can show you hundreds of businesses that close their doors who swore by it, some are even friends of mine.  This site is a business and it is a full time job to market it, address concerns and service the site.  
We have two options to add your business after you input your initial contact info or sign up via Facebook.  The first is a FREE Basic one year listing which only includes a link to your web site.  You start by clicking "add listing" then...
in the next screen you will see this (below). Click on the link with the Basic One Year Listing, "Select Plan."  The "featured one year listing plan" is $9.99 a month ($120 per year) or $99 if you pay in full.  Thousands of people will visit this website.  We will also be advertising with to drive their 100,000 social media fans, 60k monthly website viewers and 30,000 newspapers to the site.  For $9.99 a month.  It is worth your business to be able to be seen in so many ways. The featured one year plan has lots of other benefits to include the ability to add a video about the business (we can help you create one), coupons and much more. 
The next page will ask for your category of business.  Pick your category.  If you have any questions, text me at 360-280-1068 or just choose a category, send me a message and I will ensure that you are categorized correctly within 24 hours.
If you have questions, just continue entering your information as best as you can and finish the registration process.  By doing this it alerts me that you submitted a business and I can help you with any of the details of the sign-up form after. 
Most people delete 85% of all emails.  Increase your chances of them being opened.  Your business needs it. 
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